Cyber Bullying Project…

I haven’t been able to post lately due to the fact that our DigiComm class has been working on a video that will help educate students of all of the types of cyber bullying. See the finished product here. Over the past couple of weeks I have learned there is more than one way to bully somebody over the internet. Seeing all of these examples and hearing about how student’s lives were personally impacted from this really hit me hard. I realized that not only have I been bullied in several of the different types, I have, in one way or another, bullied friends the same way. It is a lot easier than you may think to bully somebody. You may mean it as a joke, but to them it could be taken completely differently.

During this project I was in charge of doing all of the recording and editing. Before this video I had barely any experience editing video. After we got done doing the video and all of the editing was finished, I am walking away with a whole new set of skills.

I encourage you to challenge yourself to do your best to not bully somebody, even if you may be joking.


Future Careers

This week in my Digital Communications class we had an assignment to collect and archive different articles using apps such as Delicious and I ran into many problems with Delicious, an app where you can save the url of several websites for later use, so instead I resorted to just copying and pasting the url into a blank document. Using Google I found 7 articles about two careers I am interested in. Those two careers are teaching and psychology. I found several articles about the pros and cons about each job and the salary of them. Overall I have learned a lot of new stuff involving those two careers. Everybody go check out my here and see if you learn something new too.

A Blog About A Blog

One of this week’s assignments for my Digital Communications class is to blog about another blog, so I have decided to share with everyone my class’s blog. This is where we go to see all of our assignments and other class related materials. On the blog page you will be able to see all of my fellow classmates blogs as well. I highly recommend checking them out! Here is the link to the blog’s home page. Go check it out now! No, seriously check it out. This class has taught me valuable things that had I not taken this class I would’ve never known. For instance, I have learned that social media isn’t all about connecting with friends. It can be about much more. You can use it for things like work or school. So, go check out that blog and maybe you will learn something you didn’t know either!

Follow Friday Week 2!

Here we go again with another #FollowFriday. This week I will be sharing 4 different pages! Hope you go follow them and enjoy them as much as I do.

@PsychToday – I am considering going into Psychology when I grow up, and this keeps me up to date on current issues within the subject.

@UCOBronchos – This is the college I am going to go to when I am out of high school, so it’s good to keep a lookout for scholarships available through their Twitter.

@JerryJeter – This guy followed me and so I followed him back. He always posts positive posts about God and I love reading what he has to say.

@NewsOK – This is a more relevant news account for where I live.


Today is a day known as Follow Friday to some people. (I’ve never heard of this till a couple days ago) In my digital communications class we are supposed to find 5 of our followers on Twitter and explain why they are beneficial for us to follow. So here we go…

@DuncanHighOK – This is my schools Twitter account. They give me important information about upcoming events. (Yay….)
@espn – They always provide up to date information on sports…and I love sports…
@woodcraft – I love woodcarving and this is my FAVORITE store to buy all my tools from.
@matthew_west – This is my favorite singer and I love to follow where he is and what he’s doing. (I promise I am not a stalker.)
@CNN – Hey…everyone needs some news in their lives right?

Google Yourself Challenge

Recently we had an assignment to “Google” ourselves and see what we could find. Many people were typing in their name and finding EVERYTHING about themselves. With high hopes I started typing in my name and expected the first thing I would see would be about me. Well, I was wrong. I scrolled through the results. Page after page after page being about some other person with my name. None were about me. None at all. I came to the conclusion that I am non-existent and that I am not real. Or that I have my security settings too strict, but I like the first idea better. All in all, I may need to lower my security so colleges and employers can look me up and find positive stuff and get more interested in me.

#hashtagsmakemesmart? Say what?

Recently, I read this article by Ryan Schaaf about how, contrary to popular belief, digital writing is actually making kids smarter. Throughout the article it gave several really good points about ways digital writing has changed how kids today are.

I really like the point the article made about how the future generation may not even be able to read or write in cursive. I agree that it would be bad if the kids couldn’t even read the original Declaration, but I don’t think it would be the end of the world. It’s not how they would read it that matters, it’s just the message that it is supposed to give you.

In this article they point out that today kids go home and sit on their phone and they tweet or text all night. As Jeff Grabill says, “Our students write more than any generation in history.” I think that this really helps kids open their minds and express their own thoughts.

Overall I agree that digital writing is making kids smarter. It gives kids the chance to write whatever they want, not some assignment from a teacher.